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Thank you for your interest in strengthening our community. If you believe that your project or organization meets our guidelines, we invite you to apply for a grant. The application process consists of two steps.

The first step is the preparation of a pre-proposal form, which may be made at any time during the year. The pre-proposal is reviewed to determine if the proposal is within the area of interest of the Ross Foundation. The pre-proposal form requests general information about the organization applying and a brief description of the proposed project. A letter signed by an officer who has the authority to sign contracts for that organization and preliminary budget regarding the pre-proposal should be attached. Pre-proposals are accepted at any time, and the trustees will review the pre-proposals they have received to date at each monthly board meeting.

If the project described in the pre-proposal is consistent with the interests of the Ross Foundation Board of Trustees, the applicant will be asked to prepare a full proposal. By submitting a full proposal to the Ross Foundation, it is understood that the party responsible for submitting the proposal has obtained the necessary approval from the applying agency’s board of directors. For your convenience, the Ross Foundation has provided a full proposal checklist for you to submit with your full proposal.

One proposal should be submitted unbound. In addition to the submission of a full proposal, we may also request additional information or a site visit during the application process.

The Trustees of the Ross Foundation consider full proposals and approve grants three times a year.

Full Proposals Received by:
Will be Reviewed by:
Funds for Approved Projects Will be Available by:
October 1 
November 30
January 1 of the next year
February 1
March 31
May 1
June 1
July 31
September 1

You will be notified of the Board’s decision on your full proposal after the board meeting at which the proposal is considered.

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