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The Ross Foundation is located in Arkadelphia, Arkansas and honors a forty-year tradition of giving in Clark County. Founded in 1966 by Jane and Esther Ross, the Ross Foundation's Board of Trustees manages timberlands held for conservation purposes as well as administers a philanthropic grants program. The Foundation's philanthropic program benefits the people of Clark County through the revenue produced by these timberlands.

The mission of The Ross Foundation is to benefit primarily the citizens of Clark County by maintaining its charitable holdings of land and timber as healthy and productive forests and providing revenue to fund its philanthropic grants program.

April 8, 2022

The Ross Foundation and Arkansas Game & Fish will be conducting a 117 acre control burn today in Clark County. For more details on the location, please see the following locations  pin drop1 .


October 6, 2016

The Jack Mountain Wildlife Management Area is owned by The Ross Foundation, but is cooperatively managed by the Foundation and the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission. The land is available for hunting with the use of a Jack Mountain WMA Leased Land Permit.For more information, please visit the Arkansas Game and Fish website at


Please note motorized recreational trail riding is no longer allowed on the property.


We periodically have logging operations in progress in the area. Please stay clear of these jobs. The operators may not be able to see or here you while they are working.


November 16, 2010
The Ross Foundation, along with Southern Bancorp, announces the Arkadelphia Promise.

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