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Unique Areas

The Ross Foundation land base is located in and along the boundary between the West Gulf Coastal Plain and the southeastern limit of the Ouachita Mountains. The interface of these two physiographic regions creates a diverse landscape. Unique areas are identified and monitored to conserve natural diversity.

Many of these unique areas contain plant communities that occur in very specific habitat conditions and harbor species that are locally rare, with a few species that are of rare or limited occurrence at the state or federal level. Other areas are unique in age as with more mature pine stands exceeding eighty years of age. These unique areas provide critical habitat for the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker.

The Ross Foundation also designates unique areas based on characteristics such as geology, historical significance, or scenic attributes.

When necessary, for the protection of any unique area, The Ross Foundation may exclude certain types of activities. It is important that visitors and recreational users obey posted notices and adhere to access restrictions for the protection of unique areas.

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